Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visting UCLA

Spring break ended a couple of days ago, but so many good memories and fun happenings occurred that I want to remember a few details of the break. I consider it my first spring break or pleasure trip that I have taken. I decided to come to LA and Irvine. The main reason for that is because my good friend has been asking me when I would be coming down. I also have not toured and done fun stuff in either LA or Irvine. Since I ended finals early on Wednesday I was able to leave for spring break after that. I decided to book my flight for Thursday afternoon and arrive in Los Angeles by evening time. I was not nervous about flying down alone, but I did find it troubling that my luggage was quite heavy. Once I have arrived at LAX, I immediately looked for the Flyaway bus since it would take me directly to Westwood where my friend would pick me up. At first, I thought I saw the sign for the bus, but once I walked to the direction I did not see the Flyaway sign any longer. I began to get nervous, so I decided to keep walking until I found it. Suddenly, I saw the Flyaway bus sign and one came by. While on the bus, the bus passed by several other flyaway signs at the airport. Ah, I learned something new. For $5.00 the bus took me directly to Westwood. My friend said that it usually takes 20 minutes max to get there, but it took me about 45 min-hour to arrive since it was traffic hour. While on the bus, I took notice of my surroundings. The street names interested me. I remember learning of a Sepulveda in one of my NAS classes. Wilshire and Kinross also sound like interesting names. I immediately took notice of reasons why it was so different from the city of Davis or Sacramento. From Westwood to her dorm at UCLA. The campus looked so new. I was surprised by the hills and how many stairs there were.

This is a image of stairs at UCLA that leads up to Powell Library and other buildings of the campus.

This is Powell library. From the look outside, the building looks big. As I walked around I was surprised that there were couches in the library. I would be happy if they had that at our library. I found it interesting that the books and study areas were separated. I thought that there would be a huge collection of books in this library because of the size of the building.

I noticed that the buildings at UCLA look newer than UCD. The buildings look more architected and that they have been furnished throughout the years. Also, I believe that it gets a lot of funding from alumni and other individuals. As I walked around the campus, I also saw statues. There were many different kinds, there were also two fountains that I noticed on campus. I found it interesting that most students did not ride their bikes. I guess it is because of those hills and stairs.

The dorm area is not scattered, but all located in one area. I really like that they have restaurant choices besides the dc at the dorms. I liked the Bruin Cafe and Cafe 1919. What I did not like was that there was no kitchen space to be found in the dorm area for the residents to take advantage of. I do not even think that the students had a microwave. Since there was no kitchen in the dorms, me and my friend had to either eat out, order delivery, or eat cup noodles for the break while in LA. There were also weird stairs around the dorm area. It is those stairs that are huge that you either have to take two steps or one giant step in order to get to the next one. I also thought that their dorms were much more secure than the one I stayed in my freshman year. I only have to slide my id card and open it with my key. My friend at UCLA had to slide her id card, room card, and then push in a code in order to get into her room.

I really liked UCLA. It was conveniently close to Westwood if students wanted to go dine out at some restaurants or go do some shopping. There is also the choice of taking the buses around LA. I like that all the dorms are in one area of the campus. But, they should offer students a kitchen, Looks could be deceiving here since some buildings look grand and new from the exterior, but they are just like other buildings in the inside.

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