Thursday, March 31, 2011

Santa Monica beach, pier, and promenade

The Saturday of my stay we took the bus to Santa Monica promenade. First, my friend wanted to eat. We ended up deciding on McDonalds. We brought some food to eat to walk on the pier and the beach. The beach had a ferris wheel and other kinds of activities going on. Next, we walked the promenade and browsed a few shops. After a while we decided to watch The Lincoln Lawyer. When we walked in the movie theater was filled. The only seats we could find were the ones that were all the way in the front.The only other time that I remember the theater being that full was for a showing of Avatar. We explored more shops including the new side of the promenade, which is the mostly the high end shops. Before leaving we decided to get dinner. We went to Wolfgang Puck Express and ordered a pasta and for dessert we had Pinkberry. It was Chen's first time and she loved it!

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