Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More than expected

I didnt think much of what I was going to do for this year. I did not have any plans for myself of how I was going to grow as a person. I began this year thinking about my academics and how to perform better in them. I still care about academics and how I am going to perform for my career life. In preparation with my career life, I have done some searches on jobs that are available in the Sacramento area, so that I would be able to work there during the summer. I have also gathered more and more thoughts about how looks matter in not only the career field, but also public and social life. I have become pensive about looks and considered taking actions on it, which I have not taken seriously before.
I bought a few makeup (mascara, eyeliner) products with a goal of knowing how to apply it by this summer. I begin to feel that although I may not wear it often, I should at least know how to apply it on myself. I have had some friends put makeup on me, but it is usually what they think will fit me. Some of them have applied makeup on me that fits me and some have not. Most people my age know how to apply makeup on, yet I have little to no knowledge of how to apply makeup. In addition, I have also learned that knowing how to apply makeup and wearing it is beneficial because it can help protect my skin. It is also a way for me to understand my skin and colors as it fits me as a person.
I have also cared about the health of my eyes. I have wanted sunglasses for a long time, but could not buy the ones in stores because I would not be able to wear them when I am driving. Then, I thought of the idea of getting prescribed sunglasses. Not only could I wear them when I am driving, but they when I walk around areas where sun is unavoidable. I will no longer have to squint my eyes when the sun overpowers my view. Also, I will have another glasses to wear instead of my regular one. I am really excited to receive a new pair of glasses for a different use. It seems that I have become more sensitive about my looks and wanting to improve them to be more accepted and liked in society.

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