Friday, March 18, 2011

Missing out on Sweden

Today I woke up early to turn in the withdrawal for Sweden summer study abroad program. I am bummed that I missed out on going to it this summer, especially because of finances. I should have prepared more for it financially. It would have definitely been a experience that would open up my mind. I was also interested in taking women's studies classes there, as well as the history courses. I think it is one of the biggest regrets that I would not be going there for the summer. It absolutely fascinated me when I was learning about its culture. Also, Swedish found like a very cool language to learn, especially since around 10 million? people know the language. I wanted to see if what I have learned was real or more intently I wanted to experience it, rather than read or ponder about it. So, what now since I have turn in the application? I think that I should work on future travel plans by earning money and planning further ahead. Since I will not go study abroad in Sweden, there is always the possibility of exploring on my own with the purpose of leisure and learning through experience.

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