Thursday, March 31, 2011

LA/Irvine Plans

So, My friend sent me this list (in bold) that she had planned since I was coming down to La. She is very well organized and I am glad she thought of wonderful things for us to do while I was there. She definitely made my time there enjoyable and memorable. I also made some comments on what had actually happened.

Thursday, March 17
- Alice Arrives @ 440
I arrived a little later than that since my flight was delayed, but still ended up in LAX before 5pm.
 - Get to UCLA around 530. 
I actually arrived around 6pm because of the traffic.
- Eat with Alice (swipe her at dining hall)
I am glad that I had the opportunity to visit the dining halls. It was similar to the ones in Davis in some many ways. It was buffet style and had similar menu selections. Oh, and they offer mint or candies on the way out along with dessert.
- Walk around Westwood if not too tired or UCLA campus
We walked around and there were more people around the campus at night then I thought it would be. I also recorded parts of my tour around the campus, but I think it is too dark to show.

Friday, March 18
- Take bus to Koreatown (should be ~35 cents one way)
We ended up by the daily pass for $6 to go to Castle BBQ. I think it was about a 45 minute ride.

- Go eat Korean BBQ ($10)
We waited a long time to get inside. There was a selection of the 9.99 deal, 12.99?, and 14.99?. We choose the 14.99 one because it had more selections. I also learned that I do not like bbq chicken as much as bbq beef.
- Green Tea Shaved Ice @ Mr. Coffee's
Yes, and it was good. But, it was too much for me to handle. I usually ordered myself a mini or tiny portion of yogurt. And, I devour my sweets slowly for satisfaction.
- Walk around K-town & explore
We did this while walking to Mr. Coffee's and to the bus stop.

Saturday, March 19
- Go to Santa Monica Pier/beach (must get funnel cake, ride on ferris wheel if enough time $5, or roller coaster $5 or water ride $5--choose one)
We did go to the Pier and beach. We ended up eating McDonalds. Afterwards, we walked around the Promenade. Ended up watching The Lincoln Lawyer. We also ate at Wolfgang Puck Express and had Pinkberry for dessert.
- Shopping area
@ the Promenade there were many different shops and restaurants

- Venice Beach
did not end up going because there was not enough time

Sunday, March 20
- Go to Hollywood to walk around
-It rained the entire day, so we ended up ordering pizza at La Monica's. It was pepproni and sausage flavor.

- Pack for Irvine

Monday, March 21
- Head to Irvine ($0.35 one bus, transfer to another bus $0.35, then $11 train to irvine + $2.50 for bus to UCI)
Nope, Crystal was nice of us to drive us. She also took us to Half&Half and a restaurant.
- Meet Shan

- Walk around UCI area?

Tuesday, March 22
- Beach
visited a portion of the beach, and fashion island, a plaza
- What is there to do in Irvine Shan?? Take over from here

Wednesday, March 23
-played ping pong, table hockey and explore the campus
-tried Le Dip, which was delicious.

Thursday, March 24
 -helped Shan pack up and she left for LV
-met Karissa, Diana, and Meagan. toured around UCI and went to 85C bakery and took sticky pics. also, had lunch at tofu house.
-went back to LA

Friday, March 25
- Head back to LA
Already back at LA. Ended up going to Hollywood. Came back and checked out the supermarkets in the area for cup noodles. Bought dinner and drinks for later so we dont have to go out in case it rained.

Saturday, March 26
- Alice leaves

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