Thursday, March 31, 2011

First meeting with a friend

Spring break Monday ago, me and my friend ate at Novel Cafe, which was right across from the Flyaway station. The restaurant had many reviews that were good, so I decided to try the place out. We ordered a turkey breast sandwich and breakfast burrito to share. The place gave us complimentary nachos and sauce. Also, one of our meals came with the fruit selections. We received our meals pretty quickly and at the same time. I noticed that the sandwich had onions in it and I took them out for consuming the sandwich. I ate the burrito first. It was soggier than expected. I liked the turkey breast sandwich. I didn't finish everything on my plate. It was so much food. I usually finish my fries, but I just couldn't have anymore at the moment. After brunch, we took the bus and headed to Chinatown in Los Angeles. From there we got off the Amtrak station and met up with Crystal. I think it was my first time meeting Crystal. I talked to her before, but that was online. We also exchanged pictures. She is talkative like I thought she would be. And, she does like her pictures. I am glad that she was able to pick both me and Chen up and to take us around to different eateries. I really liked Half & Half because the cups were in a cute size and the boba were warm. She took us to Irvine and we paid her for gas. That night my friend took us to UTC because she needed to buy groceries. She made us dinner that night, which was bacon and ham sandwich.

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