Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day at UCLA & LA Koreatown

After the first evening there, we decided to eat breakfast at a different dorm from the first night. The breakfast had a pretty nice selection. I remember bacon, breakfast sandwiches, omelette, bagels, and others. I tried a bit of what they had to offer, but did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think that I only enjoyed getting the croissant. After breakfast we toured around the campus and took some photos of the campus.

After touring the campus during broad daylight we decided to get lunch at Cafe 1919. My friend swiped each of us a Pepato Piatto. The pizza was delicious! After eating lunch, we relaxed for a while and waited for a couple of people to go to Koreatown with and figuring out how to get there. We decided to go to Castle BBQ. I believe it was about a 45 minute through an hour bus ride and that also includes transfering to a different bus. It was about $6 for a daily pass, which is more expensive than one in Sacramento or Davis. Once we have arrived we had to wait. We waited so long, probably an hour before we were granted seats. Castle BBQ had three different price selections and were different because of the amount of choices offered. We decided to go with the $14.99 one since it offered more for us to choose. After we had korean bbq, we had green tea shaved ice @ Mr. Coffee's I really did like the shaved ice, but I am the type of person who does not devour cold desserts in a huge portion. After dinner and shaved ice we took the bus back and arrived back to the dormitory around 12. I then remembered that I was suppose to meet my friend. I texted her and she was awake, so we eventually decided to meet up and I hanged out with her for about an hour. It was nice catching up, but it was apparent to both of us that we were both tired and I left her place around 3ish. I wanted to stay up later since my friend was going to stay up until 5 to get something for me to use, but I crashed around 4ish.

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