Monday, February 21, 2011

Things to do during the Summer

This is a list of things I can do during the summer if I ever find myself bored or wanting to do something fulfilling.

1.Choose atleast one written type of source to document what your summer experience. It could be through online blogsites, journal, diary, or a saved document. In addition, be sure to take a picture of anything and write about it or make a note even if it is the most random thing. Make a Summer Scrapbook & collage.
2. Look at pictures taken from the digital camera and old cameras and do something with them. Do a collage, poster, or something creative.
3. Choose one of the summer challenge/wellness goals.
4. Post atleast one freelance writing.
5. Pick 5 careers you see yourself doing. Eliminate three and describe why you sticked with those. Start looking for jobs that lead to those careers and how to prepare for them after graduation.
6. Apply or start working/interning.
7. Pick a topic that you are interested and become a master in it.
8. Learn how to play any kind of instrument.
9. Go see a play.
10. Visit a museum.
11. Try to go to a festival or a concert.
12. Watch the sunrise and sunset.
13. Go to a midnight screening of a movie.
14. Sketch something that you randomly admire.
15. Read a book that a friend recommends.
16. Learn how to put make up on and to not fear it.
17. Participate or make a scavenger hunt.
18. Do a Marathon of some sort. Game, Movies, etc.
19. Have a bubble bath.
20. Write a thank you letter or "thing" to atleast 3 people or organizations you appreciate in life.
21. Do something you have always underminded yourself in and prove yourself wrong.
22. Make a portfolio for college freshman, sophomore, and junior year!!

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