Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 is Memorable

There are many reasons why 2011 are memorable for me. I am going to list a few.

1. Back to blogging more actively.

2. I had my first internship!

3. I began my first job!

4. I had my first exciting Spring break in the SoCal area.

5. I interacted so much more on twitter.

6. I began a google+ account.

7. It was this year that I learned how to drive on the freeway.

8. I made a Stumbleupon account and it has introduced me to some good reads or websites of interest.

9. I realized that I like editing movies, audio, or writing. And, want to gain more experience in final cut pro, HTML, and all those other good stuff.

10.I had Shingles.

11. I was so close to getting a Iphone. But, glad that I bought a new phone with much less limitations than the one I had before.

12. I believe I finished my major in Asian American Studies and my minor in Native American Studies. Now, I just have my History major to finish during the summer :)!

Favorite Eateries of 2011

Its not a surprise that I love food. I have had amazing experiences and been to many restaurants this year, but I am going to focus mostly on new eateries and places that have fed me well. During the summer, I realized how much I love finding the best places for foods, especially, if it is a good price or amount of food. I always had the fascination of knowing more about places. Maybe its my way to remember a place or its because I am always looking to explore and making an unfamiliar territory into something I understand. I like trying new delicious foods from restaurants. I mean...who doesn't?

I love Pizza Rock on K Street in Downtown Sacramento. Absolutely delicious! And, Pizza Rock gave me a new experience of pizza.

Pizza @ Pizza Rock

I also discovered Cafe Soleil. Definitely my favorite place to get a sandwich in Downtown. I discovered this place on accident when I was looking for a different restaurant. I noticed a line and automatically thought I am going there instead.
Pastrami Sandwich @ Cafe Soleil
I do not remember the name of the food truck? at the moment or if it even has a name, but I do know that they sell chicken over rice, lamb over rice, and chicken sandwich, and a few more items that comes with a drink. They have a food truck outside the silo on UC Davis. I also seen them at the McKinley park near the pond and at Caesar Chavez park during the Farmers market in the summer. I like eating their chicken over rice and chicken. I use to order the chicken sandwich, but its a little messy for me. At times when I am really hungry I would think of a place that was close enough, was decent price, and would fill me up, and my mind would think of this food truck many of those times.
Chicken over Rice @Food truck???
I have not forgotten how much I love pizza since I have been in university. I still have occasional cravings for it and when I do I go to Village Bakery.

A slice of cheese pizza @ Village Bakery
Slice of pepperoni pizza @ Village Bakery
I remembered one night my friends wanted to go out for sushi and was about to go to Fuji's in Downtown. However, there was not a Fuji's in Downtown Sacramento. We looked up sushi places and was going to go to Mikuni's. But, we saw a different Japanese place called Azukar. It is a buffet too, except you order what you think you might want instead of picking it up in the sushi boat line. I actually prefer this kind of buffet. I like the sushi they have there and that its not the typical sushi you can find at Fuji's or Davis Sushi place.

Sushi @ Azukar

Siam Restaurant

I been to Siam's a couple of times and I really like this place. I always enjoy their food. And, they give me and my other eating buddies enough to eat for a good price. When I go to a Thai place, I usually want to order a noodle dish, whether that is pad thai, drunken noodles, or trying out a new one. I like curry too, but sometimes I am the only one out of my buddies that wants it. I like going out with people who knows something about food that I dont, especially dishes I have not tried. Tonight, I tried the chili chicken and the beef salad. I think both are delicious. I also really like Thai tea.This place has thai tea, but no refills for the drink.

I think the parking lot for this place is small, but every time that I have been to Siam's I have managed to find a parking spot. Also, I never had to wait in a line to dine in.

During my visit at Siam's yesterday, two events happened. One was that my glasses broke and I became frightened because I could not drive without them on. Good thing my friend help drive me back and put the glasses in a stable position at the moment. The other was that after a few minutes of sitting down, my brother walked in. That was so unexpected. I did not know he was going to go there too.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

OZ Korean BBQ

Today is Christmas. It really didnt feel like it though. This was one Christmas that we did not set up our fake Christmas tree, so there was no lights, ornaments, or presents under the tree. We did have cookies, however. My younger sister wanted to do something today. We didnt know which businesses were open, but I knew someone who was going to OZ Korean BBQ today and we both havent been there yet, so we wanted to try it out. I looked up the location on the map and it looked pretty far, but when I drove to OZ it was actually pretty quick. I think that whenever I drive to places, it doesnt seem as far because I am the one who does the driving. When we got there we decided to have the All-You-Cant eat special, which was around $19 a person. The appetizers came by and they were sort of different than what other Korean restaurants gave me. Next, the meat came by and there was five different types. There was also tomato and onions you could put on the grill, but I was only in the mood for meat. And, I am not a fan of onions. The meat was pretty good, but we had a hard time finishing it all and there was still some meat left when were finished eating.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies Drive-In

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
The sandwich I shared w/my sister
BBQ Bacon Hamburger
I really like eating at Cookies. Its a local fast food drive in. My mother use to work here when I was a child. The place is owned and manage by Chinese people. There was a time period when I went there often and the owner remembered me. When I go to Cookies, I usually order the grilled chicken breast sandwich. During one of the first times that I had the sandwich I thought it was purely delicious. I like everything that they put in the sandwich. Usually I am not a fan of pickles, but I like how it goes well the sandwich. I also like their bun. It is soft and its not the same as other buns from other fast food places. Another things about chicken sandwiches is that they usually dont come with onions and neither does this sandwich. This is one the few chicken sandwich that gives me enough mayonnaise or whatever that white sauce is. And, I like that since I dont like onions on my sandwiches. I remembered that I would occasionally come here with my sister and we would share the grilled chicken breast sandwich with each other. But, once we started eating it, we both realized that we wanted the whole sandwich for ourselves.
Besides grilled chicken breast sandwich, I have ordered other items on the menu. I have ordered their BBQ Bacon Hamburger and I like it. Not just because the sandwich has bacon, but also because its good. They actually have a really interesting and reasonably priced menu. Cookies has ostrich burger, zucchini sticks, and corn dogs. There are times when I am thinking I wish this fast food joint had something different or unique and thats what Cookies has managed to provide. I havent had the nerve to try the ostrich burger yet, maybe one day. I like that you could sit inside or on one of the stools outside. When I go to Cookies, I notice that it is popular among the older crowd and not just appealing to young ones.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My entry for Tropical Tradition giveaway

I always like receiving free stuff, especially if the item is awesome. Through Green Mamas pad I discovered other blogs and their giveaways! One of the blogs that I discovered was Small Steps On Our Journey, which is hosting a Tropical Tradition Coconut Cream Concentrate giveaway. Tropical Tradition Coconut Cream is pure organic and a 16 ounce jar is $11.99 at Tropical Tradition. If you want to know more about Coconut Cream Concentrate or Tropical Tradition you should visit the website to find out more. Although there is a mandatory entry to enter the contest, there are more opportunities to enter even more to increase your chances of winning. One of the entry options was to blog about the giveaway, which I am doing right now. The deadline to enter the giveaway is tomorrow, 12/19/2011. I am glad that I found out about this giveaway before it ended. I am also glad that I found about this blog because it is very interesting and holds more giveaways other than the Tropical Tradition one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

500 piece puzzle solved!

I finally finished the 500 piece puzzle! I was afraid that some pieces were missing, but everything is in tact and it looks well. Im proud of myself and my baby sister for helping me. Shes not home at the moment, but I cant wait to show her the finished product when she is back. She is going to be happy :)!

Below I posted some pictures to show the process of how we completed the puzzle. Part of completing it was through tactics, luck, and matching up colors.

Separating the pieces by color

Starting to assemble matching pieces
Figuring out the corner or edged pieces

Assembling corner and matching pieces

It's starting to come together!

Its finished! Look at the beautiful work!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My favorite snacks

I am a university student. There have been times in my university career that I have snacked too often. Sometimes a snack was my meal. But, usually when I do snack, I snack on my favorites.

In no particular order, my favorite snacks include:

I love these crackers not because they taste like cheese, but also its fun to eat. I think my favorite flavor of CHEEZ-IT is Parmesan. 

2. Sunflower seeds
Its healthy. I like opening up sunflower seeds. The ones that are already open do not taste the same and certainly does not provide you the same experience. The only problem with it is that I sometimes make a mess because the seeds occasionally end up on the ground instead of the bowl.

3. Chips
I often have a hard time choosing between Lays or Ruffles. I usually base my decision on my craving or whichever is on sale. I like the flavors sour cream & onion and ranch. Pringles have always been fun to eat since its less messy and heyy its eating chips that are organized in a can! Ever since I was young I loved the pizza flavor.

4. Cookies
Instead of buying coffee at Starbucks or whatever coffee shop I happened to stop buy at I buy desserts, newspapers, or hot chocolate. Cookie is the most likely item I would get for dessert. My favorite flavors are chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and shortbread. I like those cookies that are the same size as the Uncle Jr. Cookies and those usually end up tasting better for some reason. Cookies are usually a dollar or over. I think the best cheapest cookie that I found was a $1 at Village Bakery. Years ago, I remembered this coffee shop sold the most delicious shortbread cookies and I loved them and they stopped selling them :(.

5. Apples
I prefer apples that are a solid color--either red or green. I think those taste better although I am finding myself to like the mixed colors more. Eating a apple is a fun experience because I usually start with the intention of finishing the whole thing. While I am biting into them I think "hmmm or ommm" and plan out my next bites. 

6. Oranges
Those small oranges that you can easily peel are great. Their easy to open and oranges allows you to do something with your hands. And, oranges are a yummy substitute for water when you feel thirsty and want to bite on something instead.

7. Pretzels
I like both the soft and hard ones. I have the hard, small ones the most because they are the ones that are usually sold in stores.This year, I found out that they sell the soft pretzels inside one of the mini shops in the MU and I became very excited. The hard, small ones are pretty fun to eat because I look at it and think which part I should bite first, next, and repeat.

8. Candy
Snickers, Twix and Dove bars are candies that I have bought when I felt hungry in between classes. Those bars have provided me with energy and with good chocolate and unique taste that each bar is made for. They also have chocolate in those bars.

9. Peanuts
The small size easily makes it snackable and its a healthy selection. I like the flavor of it and I do not mind tasting it over and over.

10. Muffins
I just find it nurturing to have a muffin with milk every once in a while. Since I like chocolate, I would most likely choose that flavor. During my second year of university, one of my housemates introduced me to poppy seed muffins and because of that I try those every once in a while.

A day with two of my siblings.

Today, I went to Golden Palace and ate dim sum with my brother and sister. But, it was busy today and we had to wait a bit. When I walked in I noticed that we saw some relatives and we went to say hi. Afterward, we waited about 10 minutes until we actually had a table. We got chrysanthemum tea. We ordered the usual. I do not know the English names of what we got though. Since it was busy today, the serves were not attentive. We had to ask for water when we usually would get that with the tea. Also, the food seemed drier or
Chicken paws
older than usual. I think that is strange
because I would expect food to be more fresh and for them to run out. Instead, there seemed to be a lot of dishes available. Also, the shrimp noodle didnt have enough sauce as usual and we had to ask for it since the carts did not have any. Afterwards, my brother stopped by a tennis shop to try out some tennis racquets. Then, we headed over to the ice skating place called Iceland. Its actually in a hard to find spot, but it turned out there was a lot of people there. The ice skating rink was definitely over skated. I am not sure how often they cleaned the rink, but it was obvious that many people have skate on it. But, I was even more
 surprised about the price to just ice skate. It was $15 for the three of us, so $5 dollars each. That was the cheapest I ever paid for ice skating. There was a lot of people there, but not everyone skated. There were many people who did not skate. Some were standing around and just slowly moving around. I thought that I would fall a couple of times since I have not skated in years. I almost did a couple of times, but I did not. It was pretty fun, yet we only ended
up skating for about an hour and a half. I dropped my sister off at Arden mall and my brother went to Barnes & Nobles and read for a while. I helped my mom out for an hour and picked up my brother, so we could watch A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in 3D. I actually really like the 3D animation in this movie. I think that 3D movies are improving. In the beginning of the film there was a lot of weed shown and Kumar smoked out of it. And, since the film was in 3D, many of the smoking scenes were popping out and blown to the audience. I really didnt like that part and I never did like smoke of any sort being blown to me. There was also ecstasy and cocaine. I dont like how the film referred to the experience of smoking and getting high as a fun experience. There was too much of it and it looked like something that was fun to do. I really dont like that. I am glad that the film is rated R because the film really shouldnt be seen by young children because I do not want them to look at tobacco and receive positive about of it. In the film, weed and drugs provided the characters with problems, but in the end that is what brought them together and gave them a good time. In fact, in the end of the film, there is a scene with Harold and Kumar and they are sharing a weed. Later, on me and my siblings decided to go to Target. At Target, we spent a long time at the board game section. Me and my siblings really do enjoy playing board games with one another. Target had a much more interesting game board collection that the last time I checked. I tried looking for checkers, but there was only checkers with chess. But, we already had chess. The Mario Kart chess set. I havent played it yet, but I am excited too! When we left Target we ended up buying the game bezzerwizzer. It looks fun! We havent played it yet, but it looks promising!

Friday, December 9, 2011

First, Ali Baba's. Later, Pho Bac Hoa Viet!

I finished my last final of the quarter today. But, before that happened I decided to get some energy by eating a hamburger. I got a hamburger at Ali Baba's. It was good. Most of the time I like their hamburgers, except for this one time. While I eat it the melt, parts of the hamburger also drip or fall. I kind of like that eating experience. I just like eating hamburgers. Its one type of food that keeps me full for a couple of hours and I am pretty satisfied with my portions.
Pho Ga (Chicken)
When it came time for dinner I just didnt want to cook anything. I really wanted to eat something warm, so I had pho! Before I ordered I ask the difference between the sizes that they had for pho and they said that they gave more meat and noodles. I been to Pho Bac Hoa Viet before and it seems that no matter what size I order I am never please with the amount of noodles I have. Actually I think its every pho place that I go to. I dont care about the size of the bowl. I care that they give me more of what I want, which is more noodles and less soup. When I finished eating there was almost to no more noodle except for those itty bitty ones that are barely even noticable and some green onion. But, also the bowl was still more than halfway full of the soup. I barely drank it because all I wanted from it was its warmness and the noodle and chicken. Im curious to try the new pho place that will open in Davis. Maybe they will be the place that will be generous in noodles?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My experience at Cafe Italia

Pink Lemonade
I been wanting Italian food for a while. I have not had it in a few months besides pizza. I just came back from Cafe Italia and I am so full. That had to be my most expensive meal this whole quarter. But, it was also the meal that both an appetizers and dessert was ordered along with the main dish. I was so close to ordering a wine or some other alcoholic drink tonight. But, I stopped myself. So, I guess after finals I will have alcohol. Oh, and I might actually be able to go to my first bar during the break? That would be exciting because I
Mozzarella sticks with ranch and marina sauce
 had not ordered alcoholic drinks before. So, instead of a wine I got myself a pink lemonade. It was much more sour than I expected. But, I still found myself to finish one glass of pink lemonade. I was brought another cup of pink lemonade, but I could barely handle it. I wonder. I think that I drank a lot in the beginning because I was hungry and just wanted something in my system until the food came. We ordered mozzarella sticks for appetizers. It was very tasty and light. I kind of wish they gave us more in the order since I was in the mood for them. When I though of ordering mozzarella sticks all I could think about was how delicious it would be to have it with the marina
Chicken Fettuccine
Garlic bread (missing two pieces ;D)
sauce. When we got the mozzarella sticks I also tried the sticks with ranch and I love it with ranch. The sticks tasted much better than the marina sauce. The size of the mozzarella sticks actually reminded of how big sausages are. Now, it reminds me of how much I love eating sausages. Another reminder that it provides me is how much I want to try the sausage in Austria. While we waited for our dishes to arrive, we started drawing on the tables. Yes, that is one of the reasons why I enjoy dining at Cafe Italia and what makes it different. Its decorated very beautifully inside. About everywhere I turned there was a poster or a sign. The only one I really remember is the one with Marilyn Monroe. Its kind of dark in there too. But, not as dark as it was at Sophias. There was a light for each table. I like that there was light. But, I dont like it when light is so close to you that you could reach it. Something just doesnt seem so right about that. When our orders arrived it also came with the garlic bread. I though that they were only going to give us one piece of garlic bread each. But actually we ended up
getting 4 pieces of garlic bread. I love garlic
bread even though I dont always like garlic. I like my housemate because she is one of the few people who actually remember what I like or dont like. For others, I have been with them for a while or I mentioned to them before of what I dislike or like, yet they tend to forget. The garlic bread at Cafe Italia was delicious. Ah. I dont know if it was the best one I ever had, but definitely delicious and something I would want again. I think the best garlic bread that I had so far is the one from Village Pizza&Grill. That place offered me a garlic bread that definitely exceeded my expectations. Every bite was just melt in my mouth and the pizza was delicious as expected. My housemate ordered the ka-boom pasta and she wanted it to be extra spicy. And, I ordered the chicken fettuccine. When we got our orders, my housemates ka-boom didnt look spicy at all, so she asked for spicy sauce. She was able to get a Tabasco sauce and some chili pepper. My order was also suppose to be spicy, but I dont think it was spicy. I saw
Tiramisu and whipped ream. oranges are already devoured
the chili pepper in my pasta, but it didnt really made me think that the dish was spicy. Is it me or some peoples definition of spicy are not the same? What I expect from spicy food is that when you eat it you automatically think that its spicy with no doubt in your mind. It becomes part of your eating experience when you can feel the taste in your mouth. After eating about halfway in my chicken fettuccine pasta, I realized that I was getting full. But, I wanted to know how much more I can eat. I suddenly realized that I couldnt eat anymore and that dessert was coming and the dessert is tiramisu. Tiramisu is one of my most favorite desserts ever. I started loving it when I first tried it in high school. I had a few bites of tiramisu, but I really couldnt handle more. I let my housemate finish it. Overall, I think that the meal we had was good and filling. It made me very sleepy after I ate it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starting to run

Today, I actually woke up early. Earlier than any other time period. I prepared and went off to work. Work went by faster than I expected. Afterwards, I went to Target. I brought my gift card with me. I thought to myself I was only going to buy the necessary items. I looked for items on clearance in the bra and workout clothes section, but most of the stuff wasnt in my size or style. But, I ended up with a workout tank top with a bra. I think that was my favorite item out of all the other items I purchased today. I got some makeup because I want to learn how to apply it since I am rather clueless about it. I bought eyeliner and eye shadow. but I forgot to get the brush. I will have to get the brush next time. I also bought my lil a present. I hope she likes it. I was so close to buying Christmas wrapping paper. It was $9.00. I realized it wasnt worth it because the wrapping paper wasnt thick. Also, I already had ribbons and such at home. Oh well, its really the thought that matters. When I checked out, I went over the gift card limit, so I had to pay about $8.00. After I went shopping at Target. I realized how much I am behind. But, I feel motivated and ready to prep for finals!

Top Ten Reasons for My Procastination

Finals week is coming up. Yet, I havent moved out of my chair out to be academically productive. So, I am just going to list reasons why I am procrastinating. Some of them are damn right silly. Others make sense. In other words, its my excuses.

1. I dont have a exam until Tuesday.
2. Its Saturday morning.
3. Im too full.
4. I still have time to do it.
5. Im not in the studying mood.
6. It doesnt look too appealing.
7. When you save room to relax, you will think better later.
8. You have to do other things in life, rather than school.
9. I already handled 10 weeks of the quarter. Why not relax for a day?
10. I am getting sleepy. Really sleepy.

I know I am making these excuses now. But, I will get studying and work done before finals. This is just to humor myself and encourage myself to get work done sooner than usual.

Tower Cafe And Sophia's Thai Restaurant

Tower plaza
Today, I went to Tower Cafe. I noticed that they were fixing their sign. I think before it was quite faded and you could barely notice the Tower sign. They made it more red and noticable. I been wanting to try the Madame Cristo for a while and I was finally able to. So, the Madame Cristo is a french toast sandwich with ham and a egg on top of it. On the side, there is potato, but it totally tastes like french fries. Usually, I dont like onions with it, but damn how Tower makes it tastes like french fries I really dont mind. I just put the onion on the side of the plate. The plate does not seem much, but I had a half of the Madame Cristo sandwich and I was already full. It can actually be quite filling. Before, I went to Tower Cafe and ordered a french toast and shared it with my sister. And, both of us could barely even handle one piece of french toast. It looks real light and like garlic bread, which is appetizing. But, their french toast is kind of heavy. Maybe its because I am one of those people who are light on desserts and can only handle a little at a time. Okay. I must admit that I just dont like their water. Once I noticed that I became too full to handle anymore of their food, I just drank their green tea.
Madame Cristo
I have to say that drinking tea again today made me realize how much I love drinking tea. I dont understand why there arent many teahouses here like there are in Japan or China. Tea just makes you feel so good and go "ahh". I had three refills of hot water with their green tea. I honestly wanted to get more refills, but I was going to see a movie afterwards. While I was enjoying the hot tea, I noticed how the desserts that the cafe had in display. Some of them looked quite appetizing. Some look quite pricy. I saw gold on some of them, but it looks rather delicious. I also noticed that I was the youngest person in there. Everybody else seem to be around middle age. After eating, I went next door to watch a movie. Again, I noticed that I was the youngest person in line. Everybody else was probably middle aged or seniors. I guess that is the usual crowd for the Tower plaza. After watching the movie, "My week with Marilyn" I learned a lot about her. I didnt know that she was a actress. I also learned more of what other people thought of her. It was really interesting. There was tobacco in the beginning of the movie and as it moved towards the end there was less showings of tobacco.
The Mee Room (blurry because its dark and my video camera has no light)
 Later, I came back to Davis. I went out with my housemate and she decided that she wanted to Thai food, especially some Thai tea. I suggested Sophia's Thai place because there is free refills on Thai tea. We showed up at Sophia's and there is a wait of 30 minutes. We were given the "machine?" that would notify us of the wait. We went out of the area and into Bath & Body works to make up for time. After passing a couple of businesses, the "buzzer?" made some beeping noise and kept repeating something for about 5 minutes. It stopped after a while. We came back around 30 minutes and still ended waiting for about 10 minutes. We were finally seated in the Mee Room? Its the room that you get to sit on cushions. It was much darker than I remembered at Sophias. Maybe its because I usually go their around the
Beef Pad thai
afternoon or so. The darkly atmosphere made me and my housemate very tired. I ordered the pad thai and my housemate ordered the drunken noodles. It wasnt as good as I remembered it. I think the first time that I went there it was quite delicious. It might have just been tonight that things taste differently. I got full real quick. I dont know what it was. It might have been the dark environment. It could have been that Madame Cristo that I had for brunch. Whatever it was it stopped me from eating halfway through the pad thai. Its been four hours since I ate that thai food and I am still full. I guess I got my
Shrimp drunken noodles
moneys worth. Afterwards, I went late night grocery shopping at Savemart supermarkets. It was the emptiest that I have seen it. I guess it was also the latest time that I have been grocery shopping there. I spent around $25. I usually dont spend that much when I go grocery shopping. Actually, its because I have a big problem. Most of my life my family or other people have usually done the cooking for me. All I had to worry about was getting snacks or drinks. And, I have no problem buying those. In fact, those are the items that are most easy for me to pick out. At times, I tell myself that I am only going to get food. I might end up with microwavable products. Sometimes, I might walk down the aisles only to have nothing in my grocery bag. University has taught me to become more independent that I have to take care of myself more. I need to learn to shop for meals instead of snacks. Buying groceries for meals has been a big problem for me and I hope to break that struggle soon. It might not be while I am in college, but hopefully when I am in my mid 20s.